Work undertaken whilst a permanent employee at Team Consulting


Project brief: Visual Language development for an injection pen platform

Team’s client Haselmeier, a leading manufacturer of self-administered injection devices wanted a injection pen with a brand experience that aligned with their brand but would allow customisation by pharmaceutical companies that licensed it.

Website Branding-50.jpg

Whilst working as a full-time member of the design group at Team. I was responsible for defining and applying a visual brand language to the Axis-D platform injector pen.

Design concepts were evolved through sketching, 2D renderings and 3D prototypes, while collaborating closely with engineers to refine the design. Stringent and regular user testing allowed patient feedback to inform the evolution of the design.

The sketches above and the 2D illustations below show the evolution of the lead concept.


The Axis-D Injector was designed with a clear and easily understandable visual hierarchy. All features and functions have been designed to give prominence to the critically-important dose window. Other pens on the market can confuse and distract users by providing additional information that is not clear, for example; some reveal numbers on the plunger when dialling a high dose and have superfluous design features that distract the user’s attention. The Haselmeier Axis-D Injector only exposes the selected dose, to prevent confusion.

Final Pen_cropped.jpg

Axis-D is an elegant and easy-to-use disposable, variable dose injection device designed for use with a 3ml cartridge. Its labelling and needle cap can be customised by pharmaceutical companies easily to align with their brand.

Website Branding-05_small.jpg

Following the successful development of the injection pen, the team developed the carton and IFU (Information For Use) to create a harmonious brand experience for patients. I developed the range of concepts above. Then, worked with designers at Team and a packaging supplier to develop the carton design and IFU.

Website Branding-04_small.jpg

In 2014, Axis-D was awarded a prestigious Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.